Film Production Services

Los Rios River Runners provides river safety and technical support services for film, television and still shoots.

Services available:

• Basic river safety & swiftwater rescue support
• Swift current crossing of personnel and equipment, including cameras, generators and greens on fixed-line tyrolean and free oar-powered rafts
• Upstream hauling systems for heavy gear
• Rigging of tyrolean system for adjustable filming platform in fast current
• Anchored camera platform in fast current
• Boat-to-boat filming
• Stunt kayaking, swimming and rafting
• Consultation and system design to accommodate your needs

Equipment available:

• Self-bailing and non-self-bailing rafts
• Kayaks and inflatable kayaks (funyaks)
• Motor-powered boats
• Custom raft platform for cameras/film equipment
• A variety of personal flotation devices: Class V life jackets, less bulky guide PFDs, anti-gravity shirts

Personnel available:

• Raft guides trained on Class 3 and 4 whitewater
• Swiftwater Rescue certified technicians
• Class 4 kayakers
• Certified scuba divers, including a certified divemaster
• Licensed motorboat captains
• CDL drivers

We have the largest staff of any rafting company in New Mexico, and can provide as many technicians as you require.

Past clients include Appaloosa (director Ed Harris), Desperado (Universal TV/Walter Mirisch Productions), Bristol-Myers (still shoot for Aciphex), No Frontiers (Irish television), Jeff Corwin: Into America’s West (Travel Channel), and Little People, Big World (TLC).