Packing List

For your comfort on the river, it is vitally important that you bring the right clothes and other gear. All specialist equipment is available to borrow or rent from us, but you should make sure that you have all items on the list below. Items marked with an asterisk are available to buy at our boathouse. Click here to download printable packing list (82KB pdf).

PLEASE DO NOT bring anything you're not prepared to lose or get wet (such as non-waterproof watches, dangly jewelry, etc.). We are not responsible for valuables. 


During peak tourist season (May-August) a professional photographer will take action photos on the Racecourse and Taos Box sections of the Rio Grande (go to to see photos of our trips). We recommend that you DO NOT bring personal cameras on the Rio Grande because of the many rapids. YOU MAY bring a non-waterproof camera on the Chama, but please be aware that all river trips pose risk to photographic equipment and we cannot guarantee its safety; we recommend downloading any saved video or photos and bringing only equipment to which you are prepared to risk loss or damage.


Except during warm weather when a T-shirt is sufficient, avoid wearing cotton as it retains water and makes you cold when it gets wet. DO NOT wear jeans, sweatshirts or sweatpants on the river.

All the day-trip items on this list, along with t-shirts (cotton and synthetic), headlamps, outdoor gear, Taos Pueblo pottery, and other great stuff, can be bought at the Los Rios Boat House at 4003 State Road 68, Ranchos de Taos 87557

Day Trips 

• Swimsuit and/or shorts and a T-shirt*
• Soft-soled shoes or very secure sports sandals with a heel strap
• Wool or synthetic socks
• Sunscreen*
• Hat or visor*
• Sunglasses with a retainer strap*
• Personal water bottle*
• A full set of dry clothes for the end of the trip, including shoes and a towel
• Cash if you want to tip your guide

In early season or in marginal weather, add:

• A wool or synthetic sweater, such as Polartec fleece
• Long underwear, synthetic or silk
• Two pairs of non-cotton socks one pair of thick for insulation second thin pair 
• A warm hat


Overnight Trips

Please bring everything on the above list, and add the following items.

• A full set of warm, dry clothes to change into in camp, including shoes
• Quick-drying clothes to wear on the river, or a spare set of river clothes
• A wool or synthetic sweater or jacket
• Long underwear, synthetic or silk
• A soft bag or pillowcase to contain your clothes (DO NOT bring suitcases or rigid-frame backpacks on the river) 
• A flashlight or headlamp
• Personal hygiene items
• Insect repellent (usually not necessary, but just in case

Optional: Pillow and Towel


You are welcome to bring your own sleeping kit if you prefer; otherwise we will provide one at no extra charge. The sleeping pads we provide are 1 & a half inches thick, heavy duty and self inflating. The sleeping bags are freshly laundered, summer weight, good to 30 degrees Fahrenheit



On overnight trips, we will lend you a wetsuit and booties at no charge. On the Taos Box full-day, wetsuits are no charge, booties may be rented for $5. On all other trips, you may rent a wetsuit for $10, booties for $5. All wetsuit and booties usage requires a deposit or credit-card guarantee. Please call the office at 575-776-8854 if you would like these on your rafting Adventure!