Taos Box Full Day - Currently only booked as a Mystery Tour, see below

Adult 13 years or above $140.00 Weekend Price $125.00
"We've been rafting with Los Rios for over 25 years. Hi! I have just returned home to Florida from two-weeks in New Mexico. The first week was spent visiting my parents in Taos, NM. While there, my family and I took two rafting trips with Los Rios. I would like to thank our spectacular rafting guides, Brian and Adam. The first trip was the Taos Box. Myself (40) and my 71-year old father, 43 year-old brother, and 12-year old daughter were participants and Brian was our fearless leader. First of all, Los Rios called us the day before to verify that our 12-year old would still like to join despite the low water and rougher conditions, which was a very responsible and thoughtful thing to do. Ironically, I turned out to be the member of our group to fall out of the raft! Brian was fantastic during the quick rescue and afterwards, as well. In fact, except for that one incident, the trip was absolutely perfect. He guided the raft expertly -- and it was an exciting day on the river (to say the least). Special thanks to Miguel, as well, for his entertaining stories and the delicious lunch. Our second trip was the 1/2-day Racecourse, guided by Adam. My husband and I, our two daughters (12 and 10), and two others were assigned to his raft. Adam was such a fun rafting guide! He has a lot of great knowledge about the river (and despite the fact that we've done the Racecourse for many years, he mentioned things we didn't know) and a really fun personality. He also proved to be a skilled guide and quick to assist when necessary. Los Rios, thank you so much for helping to make our summer vacation an awesome one! And, Brian and Adam -- thanks for taking such great care of us!"
Jana Williams
Tallahassee, FL